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Ravers have been blinded after burned by laser light show.

Who knew raving could cost you your eyesight?!?!

According to a news report, dozens of ravers in Russia have been blinded after their retinas were burned by a giant laser light show.

A total of 61 people have been admitted to hospitals across Moscow, city health officials confirmed.


Some ravers have lost up to 80 per cent of their vision and doctors say they are unlikely to recover.

Apparently, heavy rain forced rave organizers to erect massive tents for the an all-nighter and giant lasers that normally shoot into the sky were refracted into ravers' eyes.
An eye expert who treated some of the cases said the chance of regaining vision is 'already impossible

Thats horrible! so sad! people were just trying to have a good time and they end up blind!!.

YIKES! carefull party goer..