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Heal Me

I really really love this song, no matter how im blue it keeps on healing me…

Now, we have gotten through
one more fall,
I can just admit I’ve got it all
’cause I do
’cause I’ve got you.
We’ve crossed these battle lines
too many times.
It passes through the heart.
But it never leaves a mark.

‘Cause your love just keeps on healing me,
no matter how I bruise.
If I just trust you,
your love just keeps on dealing me
one more cure, one more chance
that wasn’t there before,
In your arms, no pain can harm the way I’m feeling
‘Cause don’t you know that your love is healing.

I kicked around these lines in my head
but I never listened to the words that you said.
See where it’s lead.
Well, I think I have it now

‘Cause you’ve showed me how
And all I had to do
was just to keep my eyes on you.