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My Greatest ambition

I like older muscular guys with huge dicks. not much into looks, money and brains
but at least have a muscular healthy body. That's all i'm asking...

My ultimate fantasy is to be gangbanged by all pumped-up sweaty kanto-looking
bodybuilders with b.o. shooting off their loads inside me at the kanto gym. I just
love the musky smell of men, semen, armpits, singits, unwashed underwear, and
sometimes kupal... Well assuming these men are all healthy.

If i have money, i would like to have an orgy with basketball players,
machodancers, models and celebs why not, and gym instructors at ff. but i couldn't even afford to enter ff. good thing god gave me just enough.

I love pornstars Jeff Palmer, Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Nacho Vidal and Carlos
Morales. i also like pinoy boldstars Gino Antonio, Anton Bernardo (the ultimate
pinoy sex god for me), John Apacible, Jay Manalo and Carlo Maceda.
i tried having sex in an office, the kitchen and on the car. i would also like to
try on the bus, over the mountains, in an airplane, and maybe in a public restroom.
i like vanilla sex but sometimes i also like being hot and raunchy. I really love
cuddling, to fuck and be fucked, doggystyle while kissing behind, long sessions of
69, loud moaning, pinoy dirty talking, and maybe if pushed to the extreme, double

My greatest ambition is to be the ultimate pokpok, or sex machine and hope to
redeem all the lonely gay's insatiable hunger for meat. How i wish my toes and
fingers are all huge hung dicks so i can accomodate all of them. do condoms come in

Please don't judge me, i'm only malibog to the one i'm gonna fall in love with...



HAHAHA... so so funny!

From G4M ID HUSTLER Profile NO:1205851

*Peace KUYA*

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